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The term Woods cockroach refers to a large group of cockroaches that are only an occasional invader of buildings. They tend to infest firewood, and usually are a problem only when infested firewood is brought into the house. They will wander around the house, not congregating in any particular location. During the mating season, May or June, the males may fly inside, attracted to lights at night.
The key to Woods cockroach management has to do with exclusion techniques. Since they tend to come into homes two ways, then these are the areas of concern with respect to exclusion. Always inspect firewood prior to bringing into the house. Since male Woods cockroaches are attracted to light at night, then keeping doors and window closed at night will dramatically reduce them from flying in.

The use of pesticides is not normally needed for Woods cockroaches. However, if infestations outside tend to be great, such as in heavily wooded areas, then the use of a residual pesticide around doors and windows may help. If these roaches become numerous in crawl spaces, then the used of residual pesticides there may also help. Be sure, however, to never spray firewood with any pesticide.

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