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Smokey brown cockroaches are closely related to the American cockroach, except that the smokey brown roach is slightly smaller and their uniform mahogany color. The Smokey Brown cockroach is limited in distribution within the United States. It can be found throughout central Texas and eastward, along the Gulf coast, throughout Florida and up the eastern seaboard. It is also been found in parts of southern California. It is not common in Northern states, unless brought in.

Smokey Brown cockroaches normally feed on plant material, but can feed on almost anything other cockroach species feed on, particularly decaying organic material, once inside. It is commonly found living in wood shingle roofs and in gutters where it feeds on decaying organic matter. In attics, they are usually found living along the roofline.

The key to Smokey Brown cockroach management has to do with exclusion techniques and pesticide application.
The first area of concern has to do with EXCLUSION. Smokey Brown cockroaches enter can be carried into buildings with firewood or anything else that is stored outside, in garages, or other storage areas. They can enter around doors and windows, through ventilation ports under the eaves of a house or any other small crack or crevice, which leads inside. The best exclusion technique is to eliminate the possibility of these cockroaches being near your home or business by appropriate landscape maintenance. This include keeping the lawn trimmed short, do not allow leaves and other organic material to gather near the foundation or in you gutters, and keeping firewood away from the structure. When bringing something inside that is stored outside, inspect for these cockroaches (with firewood, pull off the bark). As many cracks and crevices that can be located should also be caulked or sealed. Weep holes can be excluded by inserting window screening into the holes with a putty knife of screwdriver.
Finally, the use of PESTICIDES for the treatment of cockroaches may be needed. The first step in determining if and how much pesticide treatment is needed is to determine the level of infestation. An inspection, using a flashlight, should be performed. Be sure to be thorough. Because these roaches tend to move around a lot, they may be found in many locations within a structure. For small infestations and for prevention, the liberal use of cockroach bait, placed throughout the building, along with exclusion procedures, should solve or prevent any Smokey Brown cockroach problems. Also, the spraying of the exterior of the building near the foundation, with an appropriately labeled liquid pesticide, should help to prevent the Smokey Brown cockroach from entering the building. When infestations are found in the landscaping, spraying these areas with the appropriate pesticide should help reduce the pressure of these insect from coming in. Be careful, however, not to spray firewood. For mild infestations, aerosol treatments in cracks and crevices, along with immediate cleaning and the use of baits, should suffice. However, heavy infestations, and to some degree mild infestations, should be handled by a pest management professional.

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