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Employment Background

I have extensive experience in solving customers' problems at their home, as well as commercial customers. Although this experience has been mostly in the pest control industry, I have been at least moderately successful in transferring this knowledge and experience in several other types of businesses as well. The primary skills I have developed are:
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Sales tactics including:
    • Prospecting
    • Initial contacting / approach / warm-up
    • Problem / solution determination
    • Product features and benefits - presentation
    • Closing the sale
    • Button up and follow-up
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Computer skills including:
    • Word processing - Wordperfect and MS Word 97 & 2000
    • Spreadsheet program
    • Website design including HTML coding, Javascripting, and CGI (Perl)
    • Image software - Corel Printhouse, Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro
    • Other software including:
      • PrintShop Presswriter
      • Printmaster Premier
      • Other Misc. software, too many to list

September 2000 to Present
Service Corporation International - Lakeview Memorial Park
Position: Pre - Need Counselor
Resposible for the following:
  • Prearrangement of cementary arrangements
  • Sales of private mausoleums, private estates, garden mausoleum, lawn crypts, etc.

August 2000 to September 2000
Piedmont Brokerage - A large regional insurance brokerage
Position: Recruitment Telemarketing Representative
Responsible for the following:
  • Initial contact for recruitment department of licensed insurance agents in the state of Virginia via a telemarketing program

May 2000 to August 2000
Clegg's Termite and Pest Control
Position: Termite and Pest Control Sales
Responsible for the following:
  • Responsible for handling sales leads for commercial and residential pest and termite control
  • Development and presentation of moisture and drainage control systems
  • Development and presentation of other various pest mangement techniques including Integrated Pest Management
  • Generated creative sales opportunities

March 1998 to May 2000
MasterShield Pest Management Services - One of the largest and fastest growing pest management companies in the Connecticut and New York areas. Position: Accounts Manager
Responsible for the following:
  • Primary responsibility was real estate transfer reports / inspections
  • Handled sales leads for commercial and residential pests, termites, and bat control
  • Responsible for all large bid opportunities
  • Generated creative sales opportunities

I was successful in performing my sales functions at MasterShield Pest Management Services and its cleaning division, MasterMaids Professional Cleaning Services. In 1999, I sold $699,000+ for MasterShield Pest Management Services and over $288,000+ for MasterMaids Professional Cleaning Services (almost $ 1 million total). I also performed other functions including:
  • Development of a corporate web site -
  • Management and task development of the larger contracts
  • Development of technician and salesperson training program

March 1997 to February 1998
Guaranty Pest Elimination - One of the largest locally owned pest control companies in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Position: Salesperson
Responsible for the following:
  • Property inspections for birds, bats, termites, and other pests
  • After explaining the problems found, I would present solutions to their pest problems utilizing the most updated materials and techniques.
  • I would complete the sales cycle from beginning to end and learned to develop contacts and networking techniques, including the use of the Internet.
  • I also helped develop the process to open new territories for the company in New York.

I was successful with Guaranty since my lead closing percentage ranged from 60 to 90 percent. I concentrated heavily on my creative leads, particularly on commercial and governmental prospects and closed on a number of these.
November 1996 to January 1997
Colorado Prime Foods - One of the nations largest home food delivery service companies
Position: Salesperson
Responsible for the following:
  • Followed a "canned" presentation to various homeowners at their home
  • Closing the sale, including arranging financing
  • Performing follow-up presentations to re-fill their food orders as well as presenting other product lines (china, silverware, cookware, televisions, microwaves, cameras, etc.)
I was moderately successful with Colorado Prime in the short time I was with them.

February 1995 to November 1996
Terminix International - Large national termite and pest control company.
Position: Sales Inspector
Responsibilities included:
  • Performed property inspections for wood destroying insects as well as for other pests
  • Explained the problems and presented solutions and then proceeded to close the sales and set up the service day
  • I also helped train new inspectors

I worked towards and achieved the company standard of closing at least 75% of all company-generated leads.
August 1995 to January 1996
Americana Portraits - The largest "in-home" portrait studio specializing in family portraiture taking in customers' homes.
Position: In-Home Sales Representative
Responsible for the following:
  • After receiving the proofs, setting the appointment to show them at customers' homes
  • Present the proofs and the various portrait packages
  • Closing the sales

September 1991 to August 1995
Circon ACMI - The worldwide leader in flexible and rigid ureteroscopes and their accessories. The company is owned by Circon Corporation, which manufactures electromedical and video equipment.
Position: Repair Customer Service Representative
Responsible for the following:
  • Evaluating medical instruments for needed repairs
  • Determined the cost of the repair and proceeded to sell the repair to customers, who included hospitals, governmental facilities, doctors, etc.
  • See new instruments when the repair was beyond feasible costs
  • Computerized annual and quarterly reports that were previously hand done. I also developed weekly reports to help find and reduce bottlenecks within the repair process.
  • I dealt with most of the repair vendors whom repaired some of our equipment.
November 1988 to January 1991
Micrognosis, Inc. - A successful computer integration company which was able to integrate various on-line services (prior to the world wide web) into one keyboard for the financial trading industry including the London Stock Exchange, the Taiwan Exchange, and numerous major banks in New York, Chicago, London, Sweden, Los Angeles, and other cities throughout the world. Position: International Customer Service Representative / Production Planner
My responsibilities included:
  • Involved in expediting every aspect, from design to shipment, of the manufacturing of complicated computer integration systems.
  • For a while, I was responsible for all the international communications between Micrognosis and our customers/distributors.

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