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Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy J B C Enterprises, Inc. will be to:
  1. Determine viable industries and product lines to offer to consumers and / or businesses. Viability will be determined by considering:
    1. Market - Is there a market for the product or service?
    2. Access - Can we access this market via the internet? If not, will we pursue other marketing and distribution channels.
    3. Availabity - Is this product available to the market and, if so, is there room for J B C Enterprises?
  2. Pricing - J B C Enterprises, Inc. intends to offer these products and services at a discount prices. This tends to be the main reason why customers search for products and services online. These discounted prices are possible because of the small operating expenses associated with the operation of these online stores.
  3. Advertising - J B C Enterprises, Inc., will use a variety of advertising outlets. What we use will be dependant on the specific product or service. Some of those options include:
    1. Classified Advertising - in newspapers, magazines, and even online classified advertisements.
    2. Display Advertising - in newspapers, magazines, and even online
    3. Banner Advertising - making agreements with other websites to buy, sell, or exchange banner advertisements
    4. Television and Radio Advertisements - only when revenues and profits justify the expense
    5. Others - the cornerstone of J B C Enterprises, Inc. is to use any and all technologies available, including those that may not be available currently
    6. Promotions - J B C Enterprises, Inc. will use promotions to increase traffic to our websites. These promotions may include some or all of the following:
      1. Information - The Internet has always been a large source for information. By supplying information to consumers, they will then seek us out. Like any other "brick and mortar" store, sales increase with increased traffic.
      2. Drawings or Sweepstakes - By supplying a chance for website visitors to win something, they will tend to continuously return by simply "bookmarking" the website address (URL).
      3. Give-A-Ways - Customers have always been attracted to give-a-ways and freebies. These may include small gifts or discounts.
      4. Newsletter and E-Zines - Customers subscribing to newsletters and e-zine (electronic magazines) will be supplying us with an opportunity to advertising specials and new products directly to customers.

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      Prepared By: Matt Scofield
      September 2000