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Marketing Plan

Product Analysis

Pricing Strategy

Market Analysis

Advertising and Promotion


The products that J B C Smoke Shop will offer will be rolled-out in three phases:

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The prices charged for these cigarettes will be at North Carolina prices which are as much as 50 % (fifty percent) lower than the prices in other parts of the U. S. This is mainly due to the individual state taxes on cigarettes. The prices in "high tax" states such as California, Michigan, most Northeast states, and others are as high as $30, $40, or even over $50 per carton. In North Carolina, these same cartons run from $15 to $20 per carton.

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The market for these products are adults who are regular smokers, have strong brand loyalty, and are looking for ways to buy the product at the lowest possible price. We will concentrate our marketing efforts in parts of the country where the state taxes make the prices of cigarettes 1.5 or more times higher than what we can offer the same product to them.

J B C Smoke Shop will operate as a North Carolina retail outlet with its business operating on the internet. See Relevant Laws for restrictions on quantity of products and how J B C Smoke Shop intends to obey the law.

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