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brown banded cockroaches


Brown-banded cockroaches prefer warm places and are usually widely dispersed throughout the building. Unless a control plan is thorough, these roaches can be extremely difficult to control.

Brown-banded cockroaches prefer feeding on starchy materials. However, they can be found feeding on anything. They have even been found feeding on nylon stockings; probably for the human oils and skin flakes. They can be found beneath tables and chairs, under dressers and chests, behind pictures, along picture moldings, on rough plaster walls and ceilings, and most especially on the ceiling and upper walls of cabinets, pantries and closets. When looking for these insects, no room, or portion of a room, should be left unchecked. You should also look for tiny black droppings, attached egg capsules, or cast skins. They usually enter buildings by way of furniture. Brown-banded cockroaches have always been found in the southern states, but can now be found as far north as Canada. In cooler parts of the country, they are usually found in warmer parts of the building.

Brown-banded cockroaches are very difficult to manage once they have entered the building. Except for very mild infestations, a professional should perform the treatment for these roaches. The reason is that the best type of treatments includes the use of sprays and ULV applications that are dangerous and restricted. In very mild infestations, the use of baits (which may or may not work) and some aerosol sprays, may work.
When receiving new furniture, especially used furniture, if possible, inspect outside for signs of Brown-banded (or other cockroaches for that matter) prior to putting it in your home. This is the primary entrance mode for these roaches and is the first line of defense against getting an infestation.

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